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Be part of our exceptional supporters: a single fund that will help serve multiple causes and get the rewards for: Safe Drinking Water (Water wells), Orphans Care, Education, Food Aid programs, Refugees support, and much more.

We all dream of being able to help the needy, to save lives and to alleviate suffering of our brothers and sisters around the world. But the needs are many and we often don't know where to start. UMMATY offers you the opportunity to be able, through a single action, a single donation, to help carry out various humanitarian projects, in different parts of the world. The ANSAR FUND fund was created to support and help develop the actions of UMMATY. These actions include the supply of drinking water, the provision of food aids for refugees and for the most vulnerable populations, orphans care and education.

1 Donation = Rewards for Water Projects + Orphan Care + Education + Refugees support + Food Aid

..and ALLAH multiplies the rewards for whomever He wills.

Although UMMATY is a 100% volunteer based organization, with not a single dollars spent on salaries, there are important costs involved to deliver our projects. These include logistics, communication, fundraising, etc. Without spending on these aspects, the different UMMATY projects that are benefiting to dozens of thousands of people around the world could never be completed. That is why theANSAR Fund was created, to cover all these types of operating costs.This also enables us to propose and execute projects with 0% administration fees deducted from your donations.

By donating One single donation to the Ansar fund, you join the Supporters of UMMATY, and inshaAllah, get the rewards for all our current and future projects, as this fund will be used to support our capacity to develop them all.

Become an Ummaty Ambassador

By choosing to contribute with a monthly donation to the Ansar fund, you become an ambassador of UMMATY and invest in a multitude of projects that have a real impact and change the lives of our brothers and sisters around the world. By becoming an ambassador of UMMATY you will receive regular and detailed information on our various projects. UMMATY is committed to providing you with regular feedback on the progress of our multiple projects related to the Ansar fund and on the progress of our various causes. We all dream of being able to get involved and giving our best for those who are suffering, but not all of us can get involved by giving of our time. This is why the Ansar Ambassador Program does not require any commitment on your part. A simple monthly contribution to the Ansar fund, regardless of the amount, is enough to become an ambassador. You can also choose to contribute by communicating about the actions and projects of UMMATY within your personal network.

Together, we can do great things.

Our goal at UMMATY is not only to maximize the number of beneficiaries for our projects, but also to maximize the number of donors, and to share the hassanates of this association with as many people as possible. That’s why we don’t set any minimum amount to become an Ambassador. Everyone gives according to his means and Allah multiplies the rewards to whomever He wills. Do not underestimate the power of your actions. Whatever the value of your donation, whether it's $10, $30, or $100, it means a lot to them. It is by accumulating hundreds and thousands of small monthly donations that we can plan and better develop our projects in the long term. Become an UMMATY ambassador and through a single monthly donation, get the rewards inshallah for drinking water projects, helping orphans and refugees and for the education of the children of our Ummah. Join our thousands of donors now. Jazakum Allahu khair.

Become an UMMATY Ambassador

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