Feeding Hope

We don't only provide them food.. with your support we feed them with hope.

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Hunger and the different types of malnutrition threaten the lives and health of millions of people around the world. Women and children are the hardest hit. Political instability, proliferation of violent conflicts, climate shocks, social problems are all reasons that can lead to hunger and malnutrition.

FEEDING HOPE is one of the largest UMMATY humanitarian programs: we provide, refugees, homeless, and all types of needy people with assistance and support at the time of crisis to meet their most urgent needs.

The aid provided is more than simple food rations: the populations' needs are meticulously assessed, in order to constitute balanced food baskets in adequacy with the eating habits of each region. In addition to food aid, sanitary kits, blankets and clothing are also distributed to meet urgent needs.

Whether in mountains isolated by winter snow, in villages affected by the drought, homeless people in our streets, or in refugees' camps, UMMATY teams travel to be closest to the needy. Thanks to your donations, we give them hope and remind them that they have brothers and sisters around the world who support them and continue to work to offer them a better future.

Registration number (NEQ): 1173576837