Water For All

"The best form of charity is to give someone water (to drink)"

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ
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200+Water Projects completed

Today, more than 600 million people do not have access to drinking water. Water is not only difficult to obtain, but often it is also contaminated: 80% of diseases in the world are related to the consumption of non-potable water or to poor sanitation, causing the death of millions of people every year around the world.

Since we founded Ummaty, Water4all has been one of the projects we are most proud of. We work everyday to provide safe drinking water to populations around the world. Alhamdoulillah we carry out dozens of water projects every year and have developed an important expertise in this domain. Our water projects are of different nature: from simple surface wells to deep wells and where feasible, we provide the complete infrastructure including pumps, water tanks and pipes to provide drinking water directly to homes and schools and other facilities.

Build your own Well

For yourself or for a loved one
  • Ummaty also offers you the opportunity to build your own surface well and to get the  entire rewards for this sadaqa jariyah whenever a child, a woman or man from these communities would be drinking.
  • For a cost starting from $180 USD we will dig a surface well, install a pump and have a plate with your name. You could also name the well and dedicate this sadaqa to a person you love.
  • After the project completion, Ummaty team will provide you with a detailed report, including well information,  photos and well inauguration video links.
  • Water4all Build your own well: the best gift you could offer yourself or to your loved ones, alive or deceased.
Build my own Well
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